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1)Members are the backbone of the guild. They are the majority, and are respected like every other position in the guild. A member can become a raider, and even an officer if he/she shows she has what it takes.
2)Our raiders are all skilled and dedicated players. They work together to take down content efficiently. They work as a team, supporting one another and building off of that.
3)We have a close-knit group of Officers who oversee recruitment, promotion, discipline and handle guild conflicts/issues. 
4) The GM is Starscrêam and is also our raid leader.

1) Treat everyone with the same respect and kindness
2) Help your fellow guildies. Answer questions, make gear runs, organize events within the guild.
3) Keep trolling to a minimum. All members are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and class. Don't give the guild a bad reputation.


As a member of the guild, you are required to conduct yourself respectably, and be active. Show us that you are a hard-working, dedicated member and willing to stick with us through thick and thin, helping your guildies along the way. You may be called to raid as a reserve, so if you are looking to raid, make sure you sign up for the raids and are online in case you are needed. When that time does come, show us what you got.
Members should never ask for a promotion. They will be approached if the officers see fit that you are promoted.

All Raiders are expected to be overall skilled players. They need to exemplify strong commitment to the progression of the guild as a whole. This involves
1) Farming and Donating mats to the guild raiding bank.
2) Learning and helping others learn encounters, gearing tips, etc.
3) Be patient. There will be no angry remarks or rage guild quitting because a member isn't performing to top ability. Be helpful, not harmful.
No one is a slave to the guild. All members will be treated equally, and if a farm task is given to you, it will be executed in a timely manner, but this does not mean that you find yourself consistently farming for a guild that ignores and mistreats you. We are all a team here.


An Officer in Arrival Of A Rival needs to be a dedicated guild member, skilled player, and outstanding communicator. Leadership and Communication are key to the structure of our guild as a whole. You are leaders in the guild. Other members look to you for guidance and you will be there to help them. 

Never once should this role get to anyone's head. You have authority in the guild, abuse it and punishment will ensue.


A member will get promoted to Officer if he or she shows outstanding leadership, communication skills, dedication to the guild, and is overall popular with the guild majority. 

The Process for promotion will consist of a meeting of all current officers to discuss the potential officer. Each current officer will need to agree on promoting this person, and thorough examination will ensure that the decision was indeed a correct one.

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